The Roman-Catholic Bishop Palace

The Roman-Catholic Bishop Palace, known as the Baroque Palace, is one of the most valuable baroque buildings in the Romanian territory. Like St. Mary’s Basilica and Canonical Row (buildings situated in close proximity) palace was built in the second half of the eighteenth century. The three objectives together form the most important Baroque complex in Romania and one of the most representative of Europe.

The grand palace has 100 rooms and 282 windows. The building is U-shaped, defining an interior courtyard and recognized for its beauty and landscapes gardens full of romance. The palace is built on three levels and is crowned by an Austrian Baroque styled rooftop. The constructions lasted 15 years, from 1762 to 1777 the site being led by the Austrian architect Franz Anton Hillebrandt.

We recommend also not to miss the Basilica of St. Mary, located in the palace garden, and Canonical Row, located across the palace.