The Oradea Fortress

The Oradea Fortress is the most famous building of Oradea, with an almost millenary history, the first signs dating its setup are during the Hungarian King Ladislaus I (1077-1095). The fortress is the city’s emblematic symbol and an historical masterpiece.

The Oradea Fortress is unique in Eastern Europe through its complex architectural old Italian and military-style fortified bastions kept relatively good condition.

Over the time, the city was an important Renaissance religious and secular military establishment and has a tumultuous history, being besieged by the Tatars, the Turks, the rebellious Transylvanian Principality of the Transylvanian and Austrian armies.

Besides defense function of the fortress, here was the place where fairs were held, such as Fair St. Mary, where people were exchanging goods from East and West.

Currently, the Fortress of Oradea is the venue of various fairs, of which the most appreciated and expected is the Christmas Fair.

Other important events taking place in Oradea Fortress: “Autumn in Oradea”, the most important cultural festival of Oradea, which is held in October, “Days of Fortress” in June-July – in this period in Oradea Fortress are demostrations of mediaval battles, concerts, 3D proiections.

Oradea Fortress is almost completely rehabilitated, and within it you will find pictures, objects and stories of this place that survive over the 9 centuries of its existence.

It can easily reach the Fortress as it is placed in the center. From Continental Forum Oradea you get to Oradea Fortress in about 11 minutes of walking.

Address: 41, Emmanuel Gojdu Square, Oradea