City Hall Tower

Oradea City Hall Tower has existed for over 100 years, having a height of 50 m. Oradea City Hall Tower has four levels and a clock that sings at fixed hours the March of Avram Iancu. If visit Oradea is a must not miss this landmark.

Oradea City Hall Tower has survived to the two world wars, the clock still preserves the traces of bullets from World War II.

On the hall stairwell tower can be seen illustrations of the main buildings in the city, their description and history. The mechanism that activates the clock is on the first floor of the Tower and is impressive as it retains the imprint of time in which it was built.

Of the four levels, three provides a panoramic view of Oradea. From the top floor of the Tower can be seen both Crisul Repede river and the centre of the city, the view is extremely spectacular. Also, you can see this city with a telescope from here.