Baile Felix Resort

Felix resort is just 9 km from Hotel Continental Forum Oradea. The resort is at your disposal throughout the year and the largest resort available in any periods of the year.

Medical procedures that can be done in Baile Felix are: kinetotherapy, hot mineral water baths, electrotherapy, hydrotherapy, aeroheliotherapy in open pools with thermal water, aerosols, medical gym and light baths.

Baile Felix is the perfect place if you want to combine relaxation with health care.

Thermal water’s temperature from Felix is 20-49 degrees Celsius. Geothermal springs have curative properties witch are well know.

An important attraction of Felix is the Lake with Lilies and Lotus, which has a special fauna: exotic fish, which live only in thermal waters, and turtles. In the period from June to August lotuses bloom, and it is the best time for sightseeing.

In Felix you can find find three swimming pools: Apollo, open throughout the year, Felix, open only in summer and Padis.