Balance of flavors
Balance of flavors

Anniversary cake “Enjoy”

Anniversary cake "Enjoy"

anniversary cake

This year, Continental Hotels celebrates 25 years of existence. During this time, we was host for 5 million visitors, offering them smiles and excellent services.

We want to celebrate this event together with our guest so we have created a special dessert, as special as the quarter century we have in the hospitality industry.

You are invited to discover anniversary cake “Enjoy”.

Our anniversary cake will pamper your taste buds as it is a perfect balance of flavors and textures. You will discover the combination of chocolate with crispy cereal flakes, along with freshly whipped cream and charlotte. The flavors of rum, coffee and vanilla discreetly completes the savory recipe.

The recipe of the anniversary cake was the winning recipes from dozens of participating of an internal competition.

The cake is available in our restaurants and in Tekaffe confectionery (Sibiu, Arad and Bucharest).

We recommend enjoy our anniversary cake along with dishes from our special anniversary menu. Ask the waiter about anniversary cake and we guarantee you’ll get an unique and delicious sweet experience. Enjoy!

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